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watch in 720p. --- I'm vidding a new drama ^^ and Angel Eyes is perfect, well so far. I was getting I Miss You feels all over again because the young version were that adorable! Hopefully as the episodes go on I don't lose interest. But I doubt I will, I love the cast, even Gu Hye Seon and I'm so happy she finally has a female look about her. She's a gorgeous girl it's just the short, black hair was never really her thing. Angel Eyes is kind of a medical drama but not.. and thank god. I love Medical dramas. Greys Anatomy is one of my ALL TIME FAVE SHOWS, but I just don't like Medical dramas made in Korea. They always start off great but slowly end up dragging and they always seem to have this power struggle which sucks! And 99% of the scenes are in the hospital. Angel Eyes, I guess is a mix from the Rescue crew, doctors and firemen. It's all about the people who save lifes which means we will be getting some outdoor action, yay! They were always my favourite in Greys Anatomy (the two part specials). Oh and some budding romance for the two main leads. Anyway there is also a bit of mystery about who killed Park Dong Ju's mother. On one side you have Yu Su Wan's father and on the other side people who are related to the hit and run. It just depends who got there first. Although it would be good but heartbreaking for the couple if it did turn out to be her Father. I mean he is acting a bit fishy and if he didn't inject what ever killed her then he wouldn't feel the need to hide the letter ¬.¬ So yeah, he's one fishy man. Shame, I love the actor. I hope to make more MVs on the drama when I have more scenes. and I would like to dedicate this to my two closest YT/FB friends: - Kaitlyn (Kayters1185) - Alexsandra (Cinderella2442MVs) If it weren't for you two I wouldn't have anybody to talk to about dramas, the latest Go Soo project, beautiful asian songs and the latest Thai Lakorns and Grey's Anatomy. You's also helped me when I was going through a bad time and 2014 hasn't been very nice to me so far. I'm just happy that I can just ramble on with you and probably dribble on about nonsense because I'm that obsessed with a certain show (Secret Love Affair *__*)

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