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I Filmed this in 1987-- 2 day's of footage at a Festival in Cornwall: "Desert Island" is an edit from "Burn the World", at the time it was a unreleased song/track or as Roy called it "A thing called Burn the World" , "Desert Island" went on to be a song/track on the 1988 Album ~ Descendants of Smith (aka Garden of Uranium, 1994). It was the first time I had ever heard "Burn the World", and it was this version that this excerpt was taken, I was gob-smacked, Roy pinned me to my seat, it was so powerful and it is still one of my faverite Roy Harper songs, it is this version of "Burn the World" that I have on Film, Oh! I have added a few palm trees. The tapes have been knocking around for years, only seen by a few and I always wanted to do something with them, so here you go a New Years Treat for all you Roy Harper fans! Very rare footage of Roy Harper, looking soooooooo gooooood tooooo! Email: martyn_spain@yahoo.co.uk

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