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If you liked this, go ahead and share it around. That helps a ton. The support I get from you guys helps me continue to do this stuff. If you somehow don't know LazyPurple, go check him out This man helped me out a lot with this video when I was learning how to use Sony Vegas. One day I got this message and I showed it to Lazy and we thought it was hilarious. I think I said something that I would actually make it if he voiced it for me. A little bit later I realized that my good friend is actually the one who sent the message. (Check out his Twitter and Youtube, he is a very funny guy) No, my friend is not foreign or dumb and did not use Google translate or whatever, I'm tired of seeing these idiotic comments. Follow me on Twitter too pls bby ;) Thanks to: LazyPurple for voicing and helping me figure out Vegas My friend SoggyLizard for writing this magnum opus Nomad for his IBM computer model on the Workshop Whoever made the New Worlds map and put it on SFMBox The song in the beginning is Humming the Baseline - Hideki Naganuma from the Jet Set Radio soundtrack

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