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О песне

Название произведения: Голубая канарейка

Исполнитель музыкального произведения: Лара Фабиан - Адажио

Продолжительность трека: 03:38

Время добавления: 2015-06-02

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Полный текст песни:

Blue canary, she feels so blue
She cries and sighs, she waits for you
Blue canary, the whole day long
She cries and tries to sing a song

Boy canary will sing a tango
He will sing a sweet lullaby
He will try to chase your blues away
So please sweetheart, don't cry

Blue canary, don't feel so blue
For I know just what to do
It won't take too long to sing this song
And then fly home to you

Blue blue blue canary -
Tweet tweet tweet - the whole day long
She cries and sighs and tries
To - tweet tweet tweet - to sing a song


Школа-студия мим-клоунады. "Голубая канарейка"
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